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Working with women across the nation to "Make America Great Again"

Allison Hale

National Director  

Wellington, Florida

Carla Johnson  , National membership Director and dedicated Donald Trump Supporter


Helping in advancing woman's skills and perspective in all of life's challenges.


Seeing what others can't and sharing the vision under the leadership of a President Donald J Trump. Capturing the support of every woman in America.


MAY 2016

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Dena Miller


Dallas, Texas

Ladies, we need YOU to unite across this nation and save America!  Become a Trumpettes now!

We gals (young and old) are the backbone and heartbeat of this country!  It is our strength, sensibility, hard work, dedication and love that hold our families together and inspire us to strive for a better life for our children and all Americans. 

An uninformed, unaccountable government is leading us to an unrecognizable America.  We must stop the continuation of this financial and terrorist tsunami and change the direction of our country.  There is only one candidate running that can do this, Donald Trump!

 Look around, that’s right, it’s YOU who need to spread the hope and enthusiasm.  We need to count on YOU, from coast to coast, from the mountains to the sea, from the farmlands to the cities and towns, wherever YOU may be!  We need YOU to recruit your family, friends, coworkers and strangers to come together and put Donald Trump where he belongs, in The White House.  People need to be secure in their jobs, secure with their healthcare and the fear of terrorism should not be on their minds or on their lips. 

Donald Trump is a true leader and he is no stranger to winning!!!  Make America great again!  Make America strong!  We’ll know we’re successful when all of us join hands and make a bracelet of support across this nation to welcome Donald J. Trump as President of The United States!

 Ladies, we must work hard together to win back our country.  We, The Trumpettes, are the pulse of America!

 Love you all,

Dena Miller



Sparking conversations and inspiring  every woman's imagination, with a vision that cannot be taught, but only by sharing with others, those personally experienced.


Unleashing the power  of the Trumpette Women to change the direction of our country to "MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN" using their practical life experiences.