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Working with women across the nation to "Make America Great Again"

“Trumpettes.Global” was concieved ,created, developed and launched by RJ Branscomb with the assistance of several South Florida Donald Trump grassroots supporters. We started out as a local support group with 25 members and now have surpassed an incredible milestone of reaching over Two (2) Million people since Jan.1st 2016 on our social media network. We are now fully operational in all 50 states after investing over 1000 man hours of development time, our own personal finances to support the operation, as we continue to improve our ways in assisting Donald J Trump getting elected as our next President

“Trumpettes.Global” is not authorized by any candidate, or candidate committee. We do have an assigned Liaison from the Official Trump Committee that we coordinate with on a regular basis.

We are not and will never ask for money, only your participation. We have taken the lead from Donald Trump and are self funding

 “Trumpettes.Global” is operationally supported by dedicated American Citizens across this nation in All 50 States with the goal in mind to organize a massive grassroots volunteer army to assist the Trump for President campaign in both winning the nomination for the GOP, but more specifically the general election in November of 2016.
Members from numerous “America First” groups and many more American Values organizations are joining in our effort to elect Mr. Trump as President. Please consider signing up and becoming a Trumpette.. We are the Official Trumpettes Organization.......  

 Inspiring  Woman's live's through actions that speak more than words ever could.

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